Privacy Policy – Privacy Policy
1. is very strict when it comes to the security of user information. Mentioned below are the terms of the Privacy Policy followed at
2. (Here onwards, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘website’ or PSDOO will be used to represent the owners of The term ‘policy’ will represent this Privacy Policy in its entirety. ‘Terms’ refers to the terms and conditions that govern the sale, purchase and use of the products provided at
It is highly advised to go through this document for a strong and long-lasting lucrative relation with the website.
What kind of personal user information do we need?
3. We collect certain types of personal user information from customers and users of the website. The most commonly collected user information is:
• User name
• Member name
• Email ID
• Other contact details
• Payment information (details about online payment agent, payment transaction details, etc)
• Customer queries
• Forum comments
• Web analytics data
In case of an application for job employment additional personal details (including educational qualification, work experience, etc) will also be required of the user to submit. Any information (factual or opinion) which helps to identify an individual is included under ‘personal information’.

How is personal user information collected?
4. Your personal information may be collected when you provide it directly to us, automatically when you browse our website and through the other services that you use by our website.
5. From other Websites that adhere to similar regulations and Privacy Policy as ours for sharing of user information, on your consent. This usually happens when you register for membership and buy or provide items and services on our website (including email list, newsletter, feedback submitted, contest entered, survey filled out or sent to us through any other media of communication.
6. In case you are unable/do not wish to provide correct and accurate personal information which is required by our website we will not be able to serve you nor enter into any form of commercial transaction with you.

What other sources provide us with personal user information?
7. Generally user information is collected directly from the user however at times there are other sources that provide us with personal user information, such as payment provider account details for payment transaction as well as through tracking technologies including cookies, web beacons, web analytics and other such software or service.

Why is personal user information needed?
8. Personal user information is needed by us for:
a) Operating the website and providing the user with the services described on the website. Such information is needed to verify the user’s identity when logging in to our website, to help us process the transactions taking place on the website, to respond faster to customer support queries and for resolving any dispute regarding the service, actions terms and conditions of the website.
b) Customizing user experience and services on the website, such as advertisements the user is displayed on the website, which help to make user experience more comfortable and convenient.
c) Updating user with relevant information and news about the website, its services as well as any changes to the changes in the website due to security updates, website disruptions, etc.
d) Providing the user with the information which is requested by them from us, when we have the consent to do so, and provide you with marketing information about the website’s products and services which we feel are relevant to your interest.
e) Carrying out data analytics process to determine ways to make improvements in the website and serve the user better.
f) Monitoring activities on the website, for preventing fraudulent acts and ensuring continued user compliance with the website’s terms and conditions of use.
g) Managing website and user/customer relationship, such as responding faster to comments, queries or complaints submitted by users on the website.
h) Managing the website’s legal and operational affairs in the best way.
i) Training our employees about the need and value of serving the community.
j) Providing generally required administrative and performance activities and functions.

Why we share personal user information?
9. We may share personal user information with:
a) Companies that are related to our business/market.
b) Sub-contractors and service providers (third party) who assist the website in attuning better to the use of personal user information (as mentioned earlier).
c) The website’s advisors (including lawyers, accountants, financial advisers, etc).
d) Government authorities and other regulatory bodies that comply with the website’s terms and conditions of use and Privacy Policy.
e) Buyer or potential buyer of all or part of our website’s business, along with their professional and legal advisers relevant to the buying of the website.
f) Any other person who has authority from us or is required by law to do so.
10. The website works with a global network of sub-contractors and service providers to ensure highest quality of service to users. All our sub-contractors and service providers adhere to similar strict user information storage security standards as the website.

How is personal user information stored?
11. Personal user information is stored on secure servers on-site or with any of the several storage service providers associated with the website. Any hard copy of personal user information is stored in secure location. Personal user information stored by the website is subject to access controls for security, including username, password authentication and data encryption when required.

How can the user access their personal user information?
12. User can gain access to their own personal user information which is collected by the website by logging into their account with the website. User has the right to make a request to access other information that is with the website about the user and to make corrections in the information in case of errors. User also has the liberty to close the account on the website whenever the user wishes to do so.

How can user control sharing of personal user information?
13. In cases where the user has consented to do so the user may receive marketing communications regarding products and services provided by the website. The user has the choice to ‘discontinue’ to receive the marketing advertisements if the use so wishes.
14. in cases where the user has changed the default email address provided to the website and wish to receive marketing advertisements and promotions of products and services from the website. User can simply log in to the user account and update the correct user information from the account and sign-up again to continue to receive emails from the website.
15. In case any commercial content is provided by the website it generally has an ‘unsubscribe’ option that lets users choose not to receive such communications in the future. Simply follow the steps provided in the email to unsubscribe. We might not include an ‘unsubscribe’ facility for important communication types, such as emails regarding your purchase, terms and conditions of use, important updates and vital news. By using the website you hereby agree to be satisfied with the absence of the ‘unsubscribe’ option on such communications.
16. User also has choice about managing cookies received from the website (as explained below). According to the browser setting the user can accept cookies, get notification when a cookie is received or to reject all cookies. In case the user chooses to reject the cookies from the website some part and services of the website may not work efficiently.

Why we use cookies and other web analytics?
17. Cookies help the website in collecting a large amount of important user information, technical and personal included.
18 Third party advertising companies may also be allowed to serve ads to users based on the user’s pattern of browsing. These advertising companies collect data anonymously from users. However no personally-identifiable information is collected by the cookies from third party advertising companies.

We can change this Privacy Policy when needed

19. The website holds the sole and complete right to make any and all changes to the terms and conditions of use as well as the Privacy Policy of the website. The changes made in these shall be effective immediately. The notification of any such change shall be displayed on the website and it is the responsibility of the user to regularly check for any such policy update or change notification.

How can users contact us?
20. In case of any queries, comments or complaints users can contact us on the communication options given on the website.



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